I never met the man nor I never knew him on a personal level, but he did change my life and helped me believe that dreams do really come true.  And today, I mourn because he died.

And I am pretty sure you share the same sentiment as mine.

Apple founder Steve Jobs is the man who changed the world and showed people that there is something more in technology.  With his extraordinary talent and vision, he was able to make things easier and truly changed the lifestyle of many.  I am blessed that I was able to witness his successes through his innovations.  It felt like I met an Einstein of our age.

I belong to a household that owns almost all of Apple products like iphones, ipods, imac, ipad, and of course, the one I am currently using now, the macbook.  These gadgets aren’t just things that we want, but I must say, they are a now a necessity.  Everyone here at home has a busy lifestyle and we thank God, that there was Steve Jobs.

But beyond those products he introduced us, Steve positively affected our lives. He showed us that with creativity and imagination, nothing is impossible. He taught us that we should do what we love because this is the only way we can live our dream and be satisfied.

He didn’t only touch screens but our lives as well…so thank you Steve.