Make Memories Last

Relying solely on digital storage is not a great idea for me.  I don’t know about you, but I have this feeling of anxiety whenever I save something important in my computer or even in hard drives, USB’s and CDs.  Technology is ever changing and before we know it, these storage devices would become like floppy disks and diskettes–obsolete and not accessible.

That’s why whenever I need to take down something very important, I write it down (I always keep a handy dandy notebook and pen)–like important events, random great ideas, quotes I read from books, etc.  As for my photos, I want them tangible.  I print the good ones and keep them in nice boxes or even turn them into a collage.  Call me old-fashioned but I know I won’t regret doing these now because in the future, I can always look back on the good memories.

For a sentimental person like me, I’m got really excited when I found out about PixaRoll–a photo printing kiosk in your hands!

So what’s PixaRoll and what makes this app awesome?

PixaRoll allows you to upload your smartphone photos and have them printed into lasting memories for your family and friends! Just select your photos, select recipient, pay and you are done! Delivering smiles has never been that fun!

 photo PixaRollC_zps124a63b6.png

And to my fellow Filipinos, rejoice! PixaRoll is launching the app globally and its first world tour launch is in the Philippines! To know more about PixaRoll Philippines, visit and like them on facebook. Don’t forget to share their page with your friends because PixaRoll is also giving a discount once they hit 1,000 page likes! Yay! So give this app a try and make memories last 🙂

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