Being Crazy Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

I was watching Adventure Time like a giddy kid when my grandpa passed by, saw what’s on tv, stared at me, and angrily shouted, “What kind of nonsense are you watching? Change the channel!”


I didn’t.



First, this dark comedy show is obviously for the adult audience only—so I am allowed (while I don’t get why it’s okay for children to see Twilight).

Second, I love its surreal themes; and as a very visual person, I appreciate its playful and artistic style.

Third, this Emmy-nominated series is simply remarkable because the people behind the success of Adventure Time are as fearless as Finn and Jake…

..and that brings me to talk about Fred Seibert, the founder of Frederator Studios (the production company behind Adventure Time), and how he inspired me to go on an adventure of life.


Fred Seibert was MTV’s first creative director, became president of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and Nickelodeon online.  As a producer/media executive/agency man/cable pioneer/jazz cat, this man’s journey is never ending and he is enjoying every minute of it.  And to be honest, I kinda want to be like him—I want to be successful in the creative field, no matter how crazy it gets…

Because “…being crazy isn’t such a bad thing,” said Mr. Seibert.

Thanks to “If I Haver”, I got to know more about him.  “If I Haver” interviewed him via Google+ and was kind enough to list the important things Mr. Seibert shared with them.

-Know what you want to do.

-Work is like dating, you never know when the frog is going ot turn into a prince.

-Where do you wanna be?  Get as close to it as you can.

-Work around creative people.

-Be open to experiences.

-Be happy in the work hours more so than in the play hours because you only get so many play hours a day.

-Find a job at a place you like.

-Hold your breath, close your eyes and jump in – the water won’t be too cold.

-Stop looking for the right thing and start looking for something.


-To really succeed you have to be too stupid to think you can’t.

As a twenty-something unconventional person who is hungry and seeking for a creative career, I find Mr. Seibert’s words comforting and assuring.  He is a living proof that I can be where I want to be if I stick with what I am passionate about and take risks in this adventure called life.


Know more about Fred Seibert here.

Thanks to Nicole of “If I Haver” for letting me share her interview with Mr. Seibert.  You can check out her site here.

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  1. I came here thinking something else, but this interested me regardless. Interesting stuff!

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