Young & Sick

Can we all just stop and marvel at these cover album artworks of two of my favorite bands?

Maroon 5:


i want to hang this on my wall

maroon 5: overexposed

Foster the People:

foster the people: torches

this one’s my personal favorite. don’t you just love how the guy on the farthest right uses a flashlight instead of a torch? 🙂

foster the people: houdini

Young and Sick, founded by Aaron Saltzman, is the one behind these whimsical and surreal pieces.  Their style reminds me of Picasso’s art with a 60-70’s vibe.  I usually appreciate minimalism more but I guess these are an exception.

And oh, Young and Sick don’t just do illustration–they create dope music as well! Check out Young and Sick here.


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