And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I’m back! Yay (as if it matters).  Nothing much has changed during my blogging hiatus.   Obviously, I cannot do the project 365 thing anymore since I’m already months behind.

Nothing much has changed in my life also…well…almost.

I was about to encash my 4 million-dollar cheque when the maid woke me up and told me that I have to move our car that blocks the road construction site right in front of our house.  I was the sole person who can drive a manual car that morning so I have no choice.  I grabbed the keys but I was still holding on to my dream.  But nay, my dream cloud poofed away.  Bye bye 4 million.  I tried sleeping again, but nothing happened.  Yeah, I’m now back to my regularly scheduled program.

  1. Hope you keep blogging! I know it’s tough, I just started up again myself!

    • Here’s to blogging! Yeah, I really missed writing. I’ll try my best to update my blog more often. Well, good luck to us 🙂

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