Monthly Archives: August 2012

“Wild and Tame” by Yours Truly



Perks of being a freelancer include having a flexible work schedule and unlimited allowable hours for procrastination.  But no matter how much enjoyable these perks are, my sleeping habits always suffer.  I sleep at 4am and get up at 11:30am (I rarely eat breakfast). I can’t help it.  My scumbag brain won’t let me sleep early. My right side of my brain is nocturnal and it only releases its creative juices at night.


And this Wednesday, I’ll be starting a new day job and I need to wake up at 5am…E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.  Help?

I hate my unhealthy sleeping habits.  I’m getting headaches and I’m already growing a massive pimple on my right cheek that makes me look like Jason Schwartzman.  And I don’t know, I think I’m also shrinking by a few centimeters.


I have to do something with my sleeping pattern.  I should start now.  Oh wait, it’s already 1:33 am.  F$*%&*$#(&%$*^)#(

I’m back! Yay (as if it matters).  Nothing much has changed during my blogging hiatus.   Obviously, I cannot do the project 365 thing anymore since I’m already months behind.

Nothing much has changed in my life also…well…almost.

I was about to encash my 4 million-dollar cheque when the maid woke me up and told me that I have to move our car that blocks the road construction site right in front of our house.  I was the sole person who can drive a manual car that morning so I have no choice.  I grabbed the keys but I was still holding on to my dream.  But nay, my dream cloud poofed away.  Bye bye 4 million.  I tried sleeping again, but nothing happened.  Yeah, I’m now back to my regularly scheduled program.