Women in Movies

This particular comic strip (Dykes to Watch Out For) started The Bechdel Test–named after its creator, Alison Bechdel.  So what is this Bechdel Test?  For a movie to pass the test it must satisfy three rules:

1. There must be two named female characters,
2. who talk to each other in a scene,
3. about something other than a man
1 and 2 are easy.  Many movies do have two female characters having a conversation.  And there goes number 3, cue fail buzzer, the movie fails.  After learning about this Bechdel test, I went through my collection of movies, assessed them and recalled the scenes.  Almost all of them failed–even Harry Potter.
Failing the test doesn’t mean that it’s anti-feminist or a bad movie.  However, why does it bother other people like me?
Come on, we women do not talk about boys all the time. Whenever I hang out with my friends, we always talk about our lives, careers and dreams.  Sure, we ask about each other’s love life but it was NEVER the bulk of our conversation.
“Bridesmaids” passed the test.  Although, it’s about a wedding, they never talked about their   beaus or lovers–they talk about friendship.  I think “The Help” passed as well don’t you think?
  1. holwal said:

    I’m trying to think of recent movies that would past the test, and I’m coming up short. I think the Hunger Games will be a good contender though 🙂

    • Yeah! I’m also thinking Hunger Games. 🙂

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