Word as Image

I learned typography before I can write. I can still remember my favorite game I play with my mom years back when I was a toddler where she would write the alphabet and we would turn each letter into an image with a name that starts with its corresponding letter.  For example, turning the letter ‘B’ into a butterfly by making ‘B’ look like wings.  Something like this:

…or ‘S’ for snake (easy peasy).

Now at 21, I still PLAY that game for a living…I design logos.  Designing logos is not an easy “game” because it requires both creativity and problem solving–you have to make it work.

I am a fan of typography and I use most of this type of technique when I design and I got very excited when I found out about Ji Lee (former creative director of Google) and his book entitled “Word as Image“.  His book features over a hundred words turned into images.

“Word as Image brings a little magic back to the alphabet by helping us see the fun and humor behind the lines and squiggles.” – Ji Lee

Well I guess that magic is what we call CREATIVITY.

My favorites:

Sometimes, all we need is think like we used to as kids.  We can turn simple lines and shapes into something majestic if we see things differently.

Learn more about Word as Image HERE.


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