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Got this from You Me & Charlie’s Daily Inspiration and I think it would be nice if I share this to you.  Trust me, you need this:

Focus on Your Love 

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

Sometimes in life you’ll have someone tell you something important in your life is pointless. Yesterday, someone close to me told me that taking theatre was a waste of my time, even though she knew the stage is my passion.

I then found this quote, and realized it’s something everyone needs to live by. Don’t surround yourself with people who put down what you love. It only makes you doubt yourself and your abilities. Be with people who understand you, and shut out those who put you down.
Ignore the hate, and focus on the love.


A girl who tries to always see the beautiful side of things, and an aspiring actress/writer

I totally agree with Kimberlee and that great quote she shared.  You shouldn’t be around with people who put you down; and we also have the choice (and the ears) to listen to and believe in what they say.  If some people tell you that you’re not good in what you do, NEVER doubt yourself.  Who are they to tell you rubbish?  Stand up for what you believe in, do what you love and prove your worth.


Sadness is inevitable, but don’t forget you are human and are capable of turning it around because you have a choice—a choice to be happy.  So why sulk when you can smile?  Tell me it’s not easy and I’ll slap you in the face.  Come on, it only takes 17 muscles of your beautiful face to flash that smile.

A few days ago, a friend asked me if I was happy.  I replied a big fat YES.  Why? Because I learned to accept myself.  I believed and gave myself freedom to do what I really want to do—which is to make art.

I am no expert in human psychology or whatsoever, but I think I found the reason why people lose themselves and become miserable.  They waste time getting wrapped up in other people’s lives and identities, until they get to the point where they feel obliged to live up to other’s expectations.  That is why they strive to impress, feel jealousy, take criticisms personally, self-pity, and the list goes on.  Then what happens? Poof! They end up unhappy.

Everything starts within yourself, so if you do not accept who you are at the first place and you try to be somebody else because you think he/she is much cooler than you, then I’ll slap the insecurities out of you. You think you’re not beautiful? Please.  Think again.

Self-acceptance is the key my friend.  Talk to yourself, ask what you really want to do, believe and take action.  You believe you can make music? Then go grab your guitar! You have a passion for business? Then go sell something! Start from the bottom and in no time, you’ll be on the top until everybody looks like ants.  That will happen if you BELIEVE in yourself.  You’ll make mistakes along the way but take them positively.  Don’t envy the famous and the successful, these people are just doing what they love and you should too.

If you learn to accept and love yourself, you’ll see yourself smiling everyday.

I learned typography before I can write. I can still remember my favorite game I play with my mom years back when I was a toddler where she would write the alphabet and we would turn each letter into an image with a name that starts with its corresponding letter.  For example, turning the letter ‘B’ into a butterfly by making ‘B’ look like wings.  Something like this:

…or ‘S’ for snake (easy peasy).

Now at 21, I still PLAY that game for a living…I design logos.  Designing logos is not an easy “game” because it requires both creativity and problem solving–you have to make it work.

I am a fan of typography and I use most of this type of technique when I design and I got very excited when I found out about Ji Lee (former creative director of Google) and his book entitled “Word as Image“.  His book features over a hundred words turned into images.

“Word as Image brings a little magic back to the alphabet by helping us see the fun and humor behind the lines and squiggles.” – Ji Lee

Well I guess that magic is what we call CREATIVITY.

My favorites:

Sometimes, all we need is think like we used to as kids.  We can turn simple lines and shapes into something majestic if we see things differently.

Learn more about Word as Image HERE.