Disney Princesses in Real Life

Because of my undying love for Disney, here I am posting again about it.  I stumbled upon this blog by a graphic design student named Jirka (Yir-ka).  He specializes in photo manipulation and by using this skill and his vision, he was able to create ‘real life’ portraits of Disney princesses.

I will not be posting everything here so you better check out his other works in his blog.  Here are my favorites:

In “The Little Mermaid”, I reckon Ariel is just sixteen and I loved how Jirka was able to make the real life version young and playful–exactly like what I also envisioned.

The sleeping beauty, Princess Aurora.  Very 1950’s, realistic and Claudia Schiffer-ish!

One of the prettiest princesses (in real life) for me.  I would also love to see her in her majestic transformation, I bet she’d look stunning!

The very sexy Princess Jasmine, my personal favorite princess.  The version is absolutely spot on! She kinda looks like a Kardashian.

The nature lover Pocahontas.  She freakishly does look a lot like the animated version!

The cutest princess ever, Amanda Seyfried, Rapunzel of Tangled! Jirka made a good job in this one.  He was able to capture the fun-loving side of this princess 🙂

Want to see more princess (and even Ursula)? Click here.

  1. amazing. your work? its crazy. you brought them to life. your crazy talented
    keep it up.


    • sorry just read the open statement. that artist needs more recognition
      either way great blog and amazing post

      • Thank you 🙂

    • How I wish I made them but those amazing works were made by Jirka Väätäinen. You can check out his works in his blog.

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