The Art of Clean Up

I do not clean my room regularly but when I have the free time, I do major cleaning.  And my most favorite part of this “cleaning process” is arranging my stuff in order.  I arrange my books alphabetically, clothes by color and shoes by frequency of use.  Organizing could be tedious and tiring but what joy I feel once I’m done!  Seeing everything in order makes my room like a museum where every part and corner of it looks like a piece of art.

No, I do not have OCD but I bet this artist has this “artistic disorder”:

Usus Wehrli released his books, Tidying Up Art (2003) and More Tidying Up Art (2007), wherein he tidied up abstract paintings by famous artists.  And recently, this Swiss experimental artist released a new book entitled “The Art of Clean Up”.  This time, he rearranged everyday chaotic sceneries and images by sorting them by shapes, sizes and colors.

If you’re OCD enough, you’ll notice one car that is not in its proper place.  

I love the colors of this one:

And my favorite:

More photos from the source


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