Artistic Photo Diptych

Two For the Road is a photoblog that experiments with a pair of photographs (from two different photographers), that have the same visual similarities, thus, resulting to amazing photo diptychs.  To know more about this experiment, visit their site here.

If you have some interesting photos to share, you can submit your works to their flickr group.  Who knows, your photo might get paired with another photo from a photographer across the earth!

  1. This is an awesome project! Really interesting, I love the black and white one that you’ve linked.
    Also, how’re you? =]

    Just to let you know, I’ll be starting my blog up again pretty soon. One post later today / tomorrow, and after that it will be July. Lots of (hopefully) awesome stuff to share.

    • Hi! thanks for the comment. I love how putting two pictures together creates a new concept and story.
      And wow, really? can’t wait for your posts! I’m sure they’ll be as awesome as the things you have posted before 🙂

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