Monthly Archives: May 2011

Two For the Road is a photoblog that experiments with a pair of photographs (from two different photographers), that have the same visual similarities, thus, resulting to amazing photo diptychs.  To know more about this experiment, visit their site here.

If you have some interesting photos to share, you can submit your works to their flickr group.  Who knows, your photo might get paired with another photo from a photographer across the earth!


They’re not just photographs…they’re cinemagraphs! Look at these wonderful works of Fashion photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic artist/designer Kevin Burg.  Based from what I researched, these two geniuses began to experiment on this new kind of technique during the Milan Fashion Week.  This so-called “cinemagraphs” are actually still photos with a bit of motion.

These cinemagraphs look a bit eerie.  Everything seems so silent and frozen in time while a subtle detail in the photo moves constantly and would really grab your attention.

I thank these two artists for taking photography to the next level.

“There’s something magical about a still photograph–a captured moment in time–that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures” – Jamie Beck

More photos here.

Fred Eerdekens is not just any other sculptor…he’s in fact a genius!  This Belgian sculptor creates masterpieces that make use of lights and shadows.

shadows reflected from twisted wires. wow.

here, Eerdekens uses some groceries and just 2 light projectors. Nice!



now I’m a fan!

more of his works here and here. enjoy!