Art Nouveau Meets Manga

One thing that’s great about art is that you can use and experiment on almost anything.  Audrey Kawasaki’s works is a good example for she uses wood as her canvas.  Audrey not only makes use of a different kind of medium but she also uses a unique style in her artworks.  She was in fact known for combining two art styles in her works.  “A fusion of art nouveau and manga” is the best way to describe her paintings. Most of her subjects are innocent-looking women, but are posed suggestively, giving us a subtle hint of eroticism.  Collectively, her works are melancholic and mysterious, leaving the audience to interpret what her subjects (the women) are trying  to tell.  As an article from Vogue says, Audrey’s subjects are like modern Mona Lisas.

1 comment
  1. eva626 said:

    their eyes in the images try to convey a story…i agree with you. I was staring at the art for a good three minutes!

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