Back to Basics

Do you remember your science project in grade school wherein you make camera models out of cardboard toilet paper rolls and tracing papers?  Well, you can now make a better one–a DIY paper pinhole camera that actually works! These paper cameras can be downloaded and printed out, so all you need is a card paper, glue and an hour of patience.  With a 35mm film, and good lighting, you can go back to basics and practice lomography–just make sure it doesn’t get wet!


The Peyote Paper Camera by Corbis Readymech

Paper Pentax

World Pinhole Camera Day by Corbis Readymech


Images taken with a paper pinhole camera


more cameras here

learn more about paper pinhole cameras here



  1. eva626 said:

    very cool!!! btw your about me picture is so cute lol

    • thank you so much! glad you liked my post 🙂

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