Sage Vaughn: Wildlives

Aside from the artistic techniques used, another thing that I look for in a work of art (especially in a painting), is the story or message it delivers.  I love paintings that stimulate the audience’s imagination and creative visualization–just like the works of the modern artist, and one of my idols, Sage Vaughn.  He is known for his Wildlife and Wildlives series wherein his paintings feature  blithe images of children, birds and butterflies, contrasted with dark and morose modern backgrounds.  Most of Vaughn’s paintings show the loss of innocence of children as they become aware of the reality and madness the modern society brings.  He was once a heroin addict but Vaughn was able to revive himself and now spends his life as an artist, sharing his talent to the world.

some of my favorites from his WILDLIVES series:

from his WILDLIFE series:

Some of his recent works with Modern Multiples:

More of his works here.

  1. Hey,
    This is a great post! I was just looking at some of Vaughn’s work today in the Laz-Inc Outsiders Book.When I first got the book, I somehow managed to glance over his work! I love the Spiderman ones, especially. The birds and the helicopter is also a very nice piece. I definitely agree with what you say about “the story or message” that a painting delivers – for me it’s pretty much the first thing I look for in a painting or photograph.

    Also, congrats on being featured on Freshly Pressed (that’s how I stumbled across this post), the SNL post is also great – some fantastic photos.

    Really enjoyed both, so thanks!
    Mike =]

    • hi Mike! thank you for appreciating my posts 🙂 i’m also a fan of vaughn’s works as well–every painting indeed tells a story.

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