Looking into the Past

In preparation for writing the copy for Heima’s third collection catalogue, my boss let me read the first two issues of Anthology Magazine (an independent home and lifestyle magazine), to familiarize myself on how copywriting is done in the field of home and furniture designs.  I am fortunate to be one of the first readers of the second issue of the magazine here in the Philippines since the first batch of the 2nd issue just freshly arrived this week at Heima (the only distributor of the said magazine in the country).  And I must say, Anthology is a good read…or rather, a must read-not just for the home and lifestyle fanatics, but for everyone.

As I was reading the second issue, I came across an article entitled, “Once and Again”.  It features a couple of photographs wherein  a part of the present scenery is being overlapped by  a snapshot of the same scenery taken in the olden times.  Being a fan of photography, I couldn’t help looking at those featured photos in awe and I thought it was a very creative technique to compare the past and the present.  All of the photos are found from a flickr group, Looking Into the Past (good thing the article mentioned the link).  As soon as I got home, I visited in the site right away–that’s how enthusiastic and excited I was!

Here are some of my favorites taken from thousands of photos uploaded in their flickr’s group pool.

by: Toronto Before

by: Kununurra Historical Society Archive and Museum

by: Photoimages

by: DJzwirn

by: D.A. Baker

I love every detail of the photos for it depicted how much the world changed over time.  This technique is indeed a clever way of looking into the past!


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