Nothing Beats the 90’s

It’s already March! I really hate February’s insufficiency of days…now I have nothing to do but enjoy the last 4 days of being TWENTY.  Yes, I’m turning 21 this March 8…and honestly, I still feel…hmm, let’s say, 16?

Anyway, whenever my birthday’s approaching, I can’t help but reminisce things in my childhood.  I get sentimental whenever I add another year on my age, and I can’t do anything but to move on and grow up.

One of the things that helps me look back on my younger years are the TV shows I watch as a kid in the 90’s and early 2000’s…god, I miss the old school Nickelodeon and Disney shows! Hannah Montana and iCarly got nothing on That’s so Raven and All That.

Looking Back in Retrospect

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you’d know…

The ULTIMATE 90’s fashion.

the SNL for kids 🙂

nope, the show’s not corny at all.

The perfect tandem! Who loves this show? I do, I do, I doo-ooh.

The one woman show.  More Amanda please.

The best dog series ever!

Before Miley, there’s Lizzie 🙂

That’s so Raven. Need I say more?

When cartoons made sense before.

The famous football head…a true role model for kids.

and the list goes on.. so please nick and disney, bring back my TV shows!!

I may not be getting any younger but I will always be a kid-at-heart (and I also look like one :p).

  1. eva626 said:

    the 90s ruled!!! great post!!! i reli like ur blog!

  2. I love this post because I know exactly how you feel! those shows really do bring back good memories of being a kid when your looking at turning another year older. 🙂

    • thank you! glad you were able to relate in this post 🙂

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