Making Art Without Getting Messy

I learned how to make art using computer based programs when I got into college–well, I didn’t have a choice because it’s a part of my courses in Advertising Management.  I didn’t find making digital illustrations hard…maybe because I developed a passion for it right away, and having a good background in traditional art made digital much easier.  It’s like driving an automatic for the first time is “easy peasy” when you already knew how to drive manually.

However, there’s one digital illustration technique I haven’t tried yet, until now—making vector art portraits.  I tried to vectorize my photo (i used mine so no one would get offended in case it didn’t turn out good) haha!  I didn’t have any idea which appropriate tools to use in making vector illustrations–I just used those which I am familiar and comfortable with.

So here it is people, my very first vector illustration:

After 12 hours of working (yes, I made this freakin’ piece the whole day!!10am-10pm)

I had a hard time working on the hair…and that’s the best I can do (sorry!).  It may look amateurish to some, but I’m still proud of my work!

  1. your site is simply awesome. i would like to feature your blog on my website for free. this is what i love about what women are doing within art and culture; you have hit the nail on its head.
    please contact me via e-mail about what i have in mind.


    Fajr Strong

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