Coz I Have All the Time in the World

After being done with school, I felt like being thrown out into the wilderness, facing the unknown alone.  I imagine someone telling me, “Well kid, you’re on your own now.”  That’s when I realized I’m pretty not yet ready.   What I learned in 16 years of schooling is NOT enough.  I need to understand more about the world.

Graduation doesn’t end the education.

And these realizations made me pick up a book and educate myself.  From then on, I started to become a full-time reader.  Yeah, I read a lot even before, but not as often as now where I have all the time in the world (bum for short haha)

Right now, I’m halfway through with Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance.  I have a couple of Paulo Coelho books lined up but I still made a book-list:

If you have any good book recommendations, please do tell. I’m dying to hear all about them 🙂

  1. Katie Rodil said:


    A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius – Dave Eggers

    • you found my blog! :))) hahahaha! i’ll add to my list 🙂 thank you!!!!

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