The Legendary Post

This post is going to be legen…..wait for it…..I know it’s way past International Suit Up Day but I just have to blog about one of my favorite comedians of all time–Neil Patrick Harris.  Although openly gay, NPH plays as a ladiesman in How I Met Your Mother and he portrayed the role very well and convincingly that even straight women viewers (I’m one of them) fantasize him–and I think that makes him a great actor….and he sings well my god. need i say more?

Here’s Neil Patrick Harris then and now, at the People’s Choice Awards (1990 and 2011)

He never fails to suit up eversince!

Make sure to catch him in his upcoming movie, Beastly 🙂

and oh before i forget….dary!

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  1. i love NPH. am re-watching Doogie Howser now. and How I Met Your Mother

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